A family-owned business for over 33 years.

 We offer a variety of gorgeous products such as bracelets, pearls, necklaces, watches and more!

What makes us special? At the core of our business, is an earnest desire to help people. We have built customer relationships that have continued for over 30 years, and start new ones every day. I love taking on challenges that many other places deemed impossible. We understand sentimental value and will do our best to earn the occasional tears, and hugs from across the counter.
— Neal Truax, Owner

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Repairs & Restoration

With 0ver 33 years’ experience in working with jewelry, and with our own Master Jeweler on staff, we are ideally suited to handle virtually any jewelry repair. Bring it right in, and we’ll get it looking beautiful again. We offer extensive jewelry repair and restoration services to bring your treasures back to their former glory. Your work will always be handled by the very best person for the job.

Master Crafter

Custom Designs

We can customize existing jewelry, set or re-set a customers stone into a new factory mounting, directly change existing jewelry into something different (such as.. changing a wedding ring into a heart shaped pendant, or melting an item directly into a free form nugget pendant)

Something that makes us stand out is that we have our own casting facility. This enables us to use the actual customer's metal to cast with, carving anything you want, making it from scratch.


Laser Welding

Our laser welder allows us to intricately weld on a microscopic level without heating surrounding areas. This means that we can repair almost anything that others deem irreparable. 

We can weld near heat sensitive stones, and repair platinum without the use of solders others need to use, so your platinum ring is still a platinum ring when we are done with it.

Thanks to our laser, we can quickly repair eye glasses while customers wait, even titanium!


Watch Maintenance

No two watches are alike. We at Jewelry Repair pride ourselves on carefully handling each watch while maintaining cost competitive prices.

We offer battery replacements, watch bands and adjustments, and overall fixes.


Book Swap

Something my mother left behind, along with the children's books she wrote, is our book swap... In addition to most of the "employees" at our shop being related, our workers are extended family, and sharing books was a common practice. Eventually books that everyone had read accumulated. We set up a table with a FREE sign on it, and the book exchange was born.

Our customers often add books to the table, but it isn't a requirement. It is, as it was meant to be, free books for anyone that wants them.

- Neal Truax, Owner

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Click to see more of our local print ads!

Come in and visit!

At Jewelry Repair Center we have a soft approach, and always are open for the community. From book swaps, to our never refuse to repair motto we welcome anyone to just stop by and chat!